Liselotte Breyer – Wording Expert & Coach

Language is my medium.

Language makes visible and shapes. Sometimes a single word is enough to open up a new world. Welcome to my special field – THE POWER OF WORDS!


With my studies as an Information Linguist (journalism and linguistics), I unconsciously laid the foundation for my current work as Wording Expert and Coach. My training as a Coach/Company Mentor was based on the individual psychology of Alfred Adler. I also underpin my focus on «language and personality» with various theoretical approaches to language and decades of practice as a writer.


Information Linguistics – the knowledge of the structure of language and its application.

Coaching/Company Mentoring – the well-founded training to support people in their professional reorientation and/or positioning in the business world.

Individual Psychology (Alfred Adler) – one of the three major schools of psychology with which Alfred Adler distanced himself from Sigmund Freud. I understand Adler's theory of personality as the beginning or starting point for the deepening of other psychological schools and approaches.

Language Theory (Charles Taylor) – his book The Language Animal – The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity (in German: Das sprachbegabte Tier – Grundzüge des menschlichen Sprachvermögens, Suhrkamp Verlag) emphasizes the importance of language for the creation of our world, on an individual as well as on a social level. The book is likely to become a key work for my work as a coach and language trainer.

Language Theory (Karl Bühler) – his organon model, which depicts the complex speech event in all its functions, has become seminal for me in understanding, accepting and explaining the complexity of communication. 

Communication Theory (Paul Watzlawick) – his emphasis on the «relational aspect of human communication» has been another key for me to more quickly identify breakdowns in communication.

Speech Act Theory (John L. Austin) – his emphasis on the «illocutionary role of utterance» (the speaker's intention to achieve something in the other person with his utterance) complements Bühler's and Watzlawick's approaches excellently and emphasizes the difficulty of successful communication.


As a coach, I work in a goal-oriented, language- and personality-centered way. My focus is on the conversation, on linguistic methods and interventions. My first format «Personality, Profile, Pitch» already contained the essence of my methodology: to complement the coaching sessions with tools (exercises) and reflection.

The GPI® test – the four basic directions of personality, based on individual psychology – is ideally suited as an introduction to personality and for a better self-understanding of my clients. In only ten minutes, the test shows what makes you tick and can be used again and again during the coaching process. The point is not to put a label on ourselves, but to understand, based on the relationship of the four basic directions, why we react one way and not another in challenging moments.
Listening – the linguistic intervention par excellence I describe in detail in my BLOG (only in German so far).
Asking questions (open-ended questions, hypothetical questions, scaling questions) – or the art of shaping a relationship and moving the development process forward.
Summarizing – or the art of getting to the heart of the matter, creates clarity, makes aware and positions.
Verbalizing, reflecting, wording – I wrote my diploma thesis as a company mentor about the fruitful interaction of these three linguistic methods. The three methods show how language influences our consciousness and thus promotes our personality development.
Program «Personality, Profile, Pitch» – or how, based on our personality, we can carve out our profile in no time and get to the heart of what makes us tick. In other words: Personal Branding with a deeper understanding.
Storycounseling® – or the processing of experiences by means of stories and figures (archetypes).


Authentic, unconventional, analytical
There are 30 years between my training as an information linguist (1988-1992) and my training as a coach/company mentor (2019-2021). What happened in between and significantly shaped me, I summarize in three terms: Writing, Jobs, Sabbaticals. They exemplify my unconventional path and reflect my constant striving for depth, development and reflection.

Linguistic project – metaverbum – THE POWER OF WORDS (since 2022)
metaverbum  is an answer to Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse and the disorientation of many people. metaverbum is at the same time the essence of my linguistic knowledge and coaching experience. It is my goal, to establish metaverbum as «School of a new linguistic awareness» in a wider context.

Coaching @profil45plus (since 2019) 
I started my work as a professional coach with the format «Personality, Profile, Pitch» at profil45plus – an effective method to orientate and position yourself quickly. It is my goal to establish this format in companies as well. I am constantly developing my offer.

Writing (since 1988)
I have never stopped writing. I have a journalistic-linguistic background and have published as a writer, poet and journalist. I am interested in people and their development, existential and sociological questions. Above all, I want to understand – myself, you, the world.

Jobs (since 1987)
I knew very early what I wanted: to write. I could not live from writing. So I jobbed to finance my writing and gained insight into numerous organizations and companies in a wide variety of functions. My professional spectrum ranges from a monastery to Novartis, from Swiss Aids Foundation to the construction company Losinger Marazzi. Whether as secretary or assistant to the CEO, as campaign manager or editor – I grew in every role, with every commitment.

Sabbaticals (since 1994)
An unconventional path thrives on change and is a balancing act between autonomy and adaptation. Sabbaticals are great for balance. I have regularly afforded myself this luxury to reflect on the essentials and prepare for the new. Whether in the big city of Paris or on lonely Greek islands, whether on Lake Garda or for further education – my sabbaticals have shaped me and broadened my horizons.

© Photo: Corinna Valpiani